Muffler for ABARTH

Sagittario Muffler

Sagittario Muffler for ABARTH

Sagittario Ver.CORSE

  • Sagittario Ver.CORSE 1
  • Sagittario Ver.CORSE 2
  • Sagittario Ver.CORSE 3
  • Sagittario Ver.CORSE 4
  • Sagittario Ver.CORSE 5
  • Sagittario Ver.CORSE 6

This Sagittario muffler is an exhaust system of full stainless steel.
By exchanging for this, you will feel the rise of exhaust efficiency.
Furthermore, there is little noise and it could hear a beautiful exhaust note.

¥ 370,000 (Without tax) (Not included Installation fee)

  • The contents of a kit
    1. Front pipe
    2. Center pipe
    3. Metal catalyzer
    4. Rear muffler
    5. Gasket, Bolt, Rubber part etc.
  • note
    1. It can attach only to FIAT500 ABARTH.
    2. Please come to our body shop (Not included Installation fee, You need to deposit a car).


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Sagittario Original Muffler

  • Sagittario Original Muffler 1
  • Sagittario Original Muffler 2
  • Sagittario Original Muffler 3
  • Sagittario Original Muffler 4
  • Sagittario Original Muffler 5
  • Sagittario Original Muffler 6

This muffler improves exhaust efficiency and a ABARTH sound.
It is because the silencer structure suitable for a turbo engine was adopted.
If this is attached, about 10 ps upgrade will be carried out compared with Normal.

Also, appearance becomes simple and becomes light sharply,
And please come to our body shop.

¥ 140,000 (Without tax) (Not included Installation fee).


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Tune-up parts for ABARTH

【Sagittario is car tune-up parts brand from Scuderia DESTINO】