How to play & enjoy

How to play & enjoy

You can see an example of Sagittario product introduction, the situation of tuning, etc.

Sagittario Garrett Turbines Install

The installed turbine has the almost same performance as the thing with which a grande punto esseesse and 695 SS are equipped.

Garrett Turbines Install 01 Garrett Turbines Install 02 Garrett Turbines Install 03 Garrett Turbines Install 04

  • Size becomes somewhat large as compared with the IHI turbine of initial equipment.
  • An injector is exchanged for a thing with much capacity.
  • We use a Dyna pack and check the numerical value of ECU carefully, Because, in order to pull out the effect of turbine installation to the utmost.

The measurement result was 234 ps(es)/5400 rpm : 35.4 kg/m/3800 rpm.
This result changes a little, when the car of a measuring object is different.

Tune-up parts for ABARTH

【Sagittario is car tune-up parts brand from Scuderia DESTINO】