How to play & enjoy

How to play & enjoy

You can see an example of Sagittario product introduction, the situation of tuning, etc.

About Dynapack

In Sagittario, a Dynapack is used in the case of the vehicles diagnosis at the time of tuning.

Using Dynapack 01 Using Dynapack 02

  • A hub is connected to Dynapack equipment. Vibration is suppressed, It will never be in an unstable state.
  • There is little noise and only exhaust sound can almost be heard.

Using Dynapack 03 Using Dynapack 04

  • It's flexible, Windows OS.
  • You can choose some measurement modes.

Using Dynapack 05 Using Dynapack 06

  • ABARTH, MASERATI and more.

Using Dynapack 07 Using Dynapack 08

  • We perform a high-precision tune-up.

Tune-up parts for ABARTH

【Sagittario is car tune-up parts brand from Scuderia DESTINO】